Musicinfo Journeys Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Note: This is a privacy policy document for un-finished Beta-product that is still in development. This document is meant to provide privacy statement for companies offering Musicinfo Third party services. The document is subject to change based on application development. Updated privacy policy will be provided to relevant Third party companies prior to application launch.

This privacy policy governs the information shared and collected from the client’s usage of our services. Your information is confidential and secure and is used explicitly in providing our service to you.

Physiological wearable data

We collect the following wearable data during the use of the application:

1. Heart rate

2. Heart rate variability

Musicinfo can access physiological data collected from your wearable device. We have the right to process and modify the data. This includes eg. Creating statistics and visualizations of the data to show it in customer interface.

We show a review of your physiological data on your application interface. The data review can only be seen by you and Musicinfo.

To collect the data we use Third party APIs. 

Questionaire data

We collect data from questionaires during the usage of the application. The data conserns your mood and stress levels. 

We show a review of your questionaire data on your application interface. The data review can only be seen by you and Musicinfo.

Personal data

We collect personal data such as your name, email, phone number and address if you make purchases. This personal data is needed for secure payments and is necessary by law.

We collect your email address when creating your account to provide a means of communication and to keep your account safe with authentication measures.

Third party service connections

To use Musicinfo Journeys, you need to login to your private Spotify account. Musicinfo uses Spotify API to create playlists on your account – this is necessary to provide the Musicinfo Journey service to you.

Removing data

You have the right to request a removal of all data collected from you, except data related to purchases which we have to keep on our records for time requested by law. You can do this by contacting

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